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Versatile and robust tables in practical designs.
  • Tilt Top Tables
    Evocative and stunning.
  • Tilt Top Square Tables
  • Tilt Top Quarter Round Tables
  • Banquet Foldable Tables
    Remarkably sturdy, industrial grade tables.
  • Banquet Folding Crescent / Semi / Quarter Tables
  • Banquet Folding Round Tables
  • Banquet Folding Rectangular Tables
  • Banquet Folding Square Tables
  • Large Table Tops
  • Generous body made up of
    chunky plywood and
    robotic welded mild steel frame.
  • Cocktail Tables
  • My time in Singapore is coming to an end & among the things we will like to bring with us is your round dining table. - Mr Tormod, expat
  • Meeting Tables
    Beautiful design
    do all the talking.
  • Flip Top Meeting Table
  • Deluxe Folding Meeting Table
  • Table Trolley
    Reducing operations downtime.
  • Rectangular Table Trolley
  • Round Table Trolley
  • Buffet Glass Tables
    Get playful and creative
    with these funky glass tables.
  • Euphoria Series
  • Nesting Series
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